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16 sep 2023 om 18:57 Dog was cold spoils it unfortunately I fries I didn’t order were hot do they understand the concept of hot food delivery even though both went to garbage
24 aug 2023 om 16:05 Cold vegan dog despite the heroic delivery
14 jun 2023 om 20:07 Delicious guac and hotdog. Why send fry bread which unnecessarily? Just filling my garbage unfortunately. Not many eat fried food anyways. My Salmon bowl was delicious
24 mei 2023 om 19:39 Terrible fries, food arrived cold and part of order I didn’t receive
14 apr 2023 om 20:39 Niet echt lekker
21 jan 2023 om 16:42 Terrible burger falling apart in my hand will not get burger from a vegetarian place again
14 jan 2023 om 10:51 Very good and healthy burger. Felt light yet it was huge. The fries from the oven were quite hard though. I’d order again from here
15 dec 2022 om 18:37 Very good!
5 nov 2022 om 14:32 Tasty food
19 okt 2022 om 22:19 We didn't receive all the food, the fries were chewy and the delivery took longer than expected. The food we received was good
5 okt 2022 om 8:31 It was not the same food like a photo. No tomato, only 3 thin sliced onion,..very disappointing. Never again. For delivery made for rush,, might be in the restaurant better. Because of the good reviews I ordered. No good.
25 sep 2022 om 15:46 Food is really good, but we got it after hour and half of waiting, so we got it cold.. And also an addition - french fries - was missing, but you charged additional money for that! So we are not satisfied with order. I guess its fault of delivery.